About Dennis Gray

Dennis Gray resides in San Francisco. His first racing adventure was an early fifties dirt track jalopy race at the Merced Fairgrounds in California with his father. The late 1950s found the pair at the Stockton Airport road races hanging over the lath fence to watch Jaguar D-Types, Kurtis Buicks, the Huffaker Special, Lister Jags and Ferraris. They also saw Carroll Shelby retire after tearing the gear lever out of John Edgar’s 4.9 litre 410 Sport Ferrari. While in high school, Gray “conned” the local paper into requesting media credentials for an upcoming race at Laguna Seca, thereby starting his “behind the ropes” career.

He was team photographer for George Dyer Racing when they won the 12-Hours of Sebring in 1977, team photographer for Tom Spalding’s Can-Am team in 1978 and the RJR photographer for the IMSA series in 1979 and 1980.   He was a frequent contributor to On Track magazine from 1968 to 1985. Gray is the senior photographer for sports, racing and vintage car webmag Sports Car Digest. Gray's images are also found in Vintage Racecar Magazine. Gray has created images for many automotive firms including BMW; Ford; Goodyear; Jaguar; Mercedes-Benz; Pirelli and Porsche; in addition to many print publications. He is a member of the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association.