About Bill Wagenblatt

Portland, Oregon based Bill Wagenblatt has been a motor racing enthusiast since the mid ‘60s and a photographer since the early ‘70s. His passion for motor sport began at a young, when his neighbor set about converting a 1934 Ford pickup into a hot rod. He’d spent hours watching him work, sitting in the car asking question and reading his collection of Hot Rod magazines. In the early sixties, hot rods, drag racing, and the Indianapolis 500 comprised motor racing. And then Ford Motor Company got involved in racing in a big way, partnering with Lotus and invading the Indianapolis Speedway. Hot Rod magazine was a reliable source of Ford’s domestic activities. As Ford expanded to sports prototype racing, regular newspaper coverage grew.

He learned of places like Sebring, the Nurbürgring, and Le Mans. In the early ‘70s courtesy of the Air Force Wagenblatt was sent to Wiesbaden, Germany for a three-year assignment. Stationed two hours south of the Nurbürgring and two hours north of the Hockenheimring he was able to attend many events. By the end of his assignment he’d also attended events at Spa Francorchamps, Zandvoort, Le Mans, and Monaco. When he returned to the states he was a regular at Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Mosport and Trois-Rivières.   Since the late ‘70s Wagenblatt has lived in the Pacific Northwest. He runs the historic racing site, Track Thoughts since 2008.